Why is tcl broken?

Garrett G. Hodgson garry at sage.att.com
Fri Jun 11 13:50:07 EDT 1999

Gerrit Holl wrote:

> > Fernando Mato Mira wrote:
> >
> > >   I'm trying to collect a list of all the _current_ issues making tcl
> > > a bad language choice. I'd like concrete examples,
> >
> > (I mean, it's theoretically possible that, in some
> > parallel universe, there's a even problem for which
> > C++ is the ideal choice.)
> >
> Can I conclude that C++ isn't a good language? I'm a starting programmer: why
> isn't C++ good for many problems?

well, no one else bit.
c++ is actually a very useful and powerful language, used 
in a great many problem domains.  however, it is very complex,
and demands a good bit of expertise to use effectively.  in the
hands of someone lacking that expertise, it is easy to develop
programs that fail in mysterious ways.

as a starting programmer, you'd be better off using a more
forgiving language, like, say, python.

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