Python GUIs: Abandoning TkInter and welcoming wxPython?

Jeff Raven jraven at
Wed Jun 30 05:31:00 CEST 1999

Scott Deerwester wrote:
> That's probably true, but Qt IS cross-platform. Has anybody ever
> tried running pyKDE with the Windows version of Qt? I've used
> pyKDE a bit and it seems to win in regard to completeness and
> usability. One "problem" is that pyKDE (unlike Qt) seems to have
> tightly coupled KDE (which isn't cross-platform) with Qt (which
> is).

Well, although Qt is cross-platform, it isn't cross platform
_free_software_. Only the X11/Unix version of Qt is freely
available for use in free software. To develop with Qt for
Windows you need a developer's license -- regardless of whether
your program is open source or not (the Windows version of the
library is not, to my knowledge, available for download). At
$1500+ a seat, that's going to cost you just a wee bit more
than using Tk or wxWindows as your cross-platform toolkit.

And God forbid your software not be open source -- then you'll
need to shell out for a license for both Unix and Windows...

Jeff Raven

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