Alien whitespace eating nanovirus strikes again!

Markus Stenberg mstenber at cc.Helsinki.FI
Thu Jun 3 08:36:05 EDT 1999

Martijn Faassen <faassen at> writes:
> Markus Stenberg wrote:
> Funny, I was prompted to write just about the same thing yesterday. I
> was calling it WallPython, though, and provided an 'unWall' function to
> remove the curly braces. Perhaps you could rename CurlyPython into that.

Nice. I thought about it too (it's actually much easier than doing the
'wall' part, multiline comments and escaped comments can get fairly
painful). Wonder if someone'd seriously write extension like that for
Python, *grin*

> Unlike you I never got my (slightly more ambitious) code debugged
> properly, though. :)

Slightly more ambitious isn't very hard.. Proper Way To Go would be to
build parser for it, but I felt lazy and that was enoough to demonstrate
the point ;) I wouldn't touch something like that with a long stick, but
demonstrations like that are neat way to foil
'whitespace-is-the-only-way' arguments people occasionally leverage against
my language of choice (read: Python).

> Regards,
> Martijn


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