Installing ODBC on PythonWin

eeghead84 at eeghead84 at
Mon Jun 14 23:21:32 EDT 1999

Before I go wack and take it out on my computer like this guy
( did, I'd like to ask for
some help.

I'm trying to install an ODBC module into PythonWin, but it still
*won't* work!

It is written that the ODBC module is included in the pythonwin
distribution but >>>import ODBC says otherwise. I've d/e'd
(downloaded/executed) Win32, but it died and said that it was looking
for version 1.4!

I was able to partially install mxODBC by copying all the files into
the right place but I'm having trouble compiling the modules in vc++.

I'm going to pull my hair out!!! Could someone show me an easier way of
installing ODBC? (I don't want to mess with DAO since I'm expecting to
migrate data from a database.)



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