Python 2.0

Yukihiro Matsumoto matz at
Wed Jun 2 06:23:01 CEST 1999

Hisao Suzuki <suzuki611 at> writes:

|In fact, there is no guarantee that all garbages will be reused,
|up to their last one byte, within the life time of the java
|process, and there is also no guarantee that ALL finalizers will
|be eventually invoked.  It is an issue of the quality of JVM
|implementation, you know.

In Java, right?

|Perhaps it is safe to say that destructors with real GC are more
|error prone.  (The present Python is safer in this respect!)

Safer than Java, probably.

Ruby garantees (well, trying to garantee) that ALL finalizers will be
called before process termination, so that Ruby is as safe as Python,
at least theoretically.

|BTW, Mr. Matz has invented and implemented his excellent
|language, Ruby, which is a sort of Perl's successor with some
|intrinsic object-oriented features.  IMHO, we must have respect
|for his opinion as such or, at the very least, as the evangelist
|of his own language.  See

Thank you for mentioning it.  But my first intention is not
evangelism.  I wanted to resolve the misunderstanding abount real GC
in this newsgroup, and make Python better.  Believe it or not.

But, of cource, new comers are always welcome. :-)


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