Alien whitespace eating nanovirus strikes again!

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Wed Jun 2 12:21:22 EDT 1999

Paul Prescod  wrote:

> ... There is no single dominant philosophy similar to
> TMTOWTDI that drives Python's growth. Or one might say that Python's
> dominant philosophy is Aristotle's Golden Mean. Or perhaps Python's
> philosophy is that code is communication and readable code is clear
> communication. 

Python has 3 core philosophies...

Um, make that 4 core philosopies...

> I truly think that Perl is a unique and innovative language. Larry
> can promote it without playing on people's fears of whitespace and
> fascism.

How else do you explain all the veiled references to Domicans? 
Evidently Larry doesn't know about the secret signs and signals <wink 
wink nudge nudge>.


- Gordon

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