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Magnus L. Hetland mlh at
Sat Jun 12 18:15:27 CEST 1999

Jordi Inglada <jordi.inglada at> writes:

> Hi,
> I am new to Python Programming (just did the tutorial and played
> a little with it). It is really a great language!
> I have seen that Python can interact with other languages. My question
> is: can Python access a Prolog kernel?

Sure. (Actually, I have been thinking of implementing a simple Prolog
kernel *in* Python... But that might be far into the future... :) You
could either wrap the Prolog kernel with swig (a tool for interfacing
between c-programs/modules and scripting languages) or you could check
out pyexpect which lets you interact with command-line programs (like
a Prolog interpreter) programmatically.

> Or even, is there a module that
> implements in Python a Prolog kernel? (in the same way one can use
> Java from Python).
> Thanks.


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