Python 2.0

Graham Matthews graham at
Mon Jun 7 02:07:52 CEST 1999

Graham Matthews <graham at> writes:
:> You are envangelising (a not uncommon response when
:> someone remotely criticises Python). Stop evangelising and
:> start considering the technical issues involve (read (!) 
:> other posts for what those issues are).
Kumar Balachandran (kumar*xspam*@*xspam* wrote:
: Here is some useful evangelizing (methinks). One of the irritating things 
: about Python is the use of whitespace in syntax. Agreed, the code is
: readable without parentheses or braces, but why not have optional
: syntactic sugar such as

I am not sure what the point here is? I don't like whitespace in syntax
either but I also don't think it's worth trying to change (unlike something
really major like garbage collection). So I must have missed the point.

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