do anonymous pipes normally work on NT?

Mark Hammond MHammond at
Sat Jun 19 01:44:12 CEST 1999

Bill Tutt wrote in message
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>> From: Georg Mischler [mailto:schorsch at]
>> Do I need to swig this stuff myself? or...
>Nope, they already come pre-swigged.
>Download, load into VC++, tweak away so that it can find all of the
>necessary .h/.libs it needs and build away.

FWIW, I am now recommending that you place the Python directories on your
MSVC global include and lib paths (using View/Options/Directories).  This
makes it easier to change versions or locations of Python - simply change
the global settings once, and all the project still work.

This is the way I ship my project files - with no embedded Python etc
paths - as I can't possibly predict your system.  So setting these paths
globally also means you can update the sources without re-tweaking the

If there are wrinkles in this that I can iron out, let me know...  [although
longer term it may make sense to move to DA's tool, then I can
just ship a and the projects files are built locally.]



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