[ANN]: Article about Python in Hungary

faria faria at ppgia.pucpr.br
Wed Jun 23 18:54:35 EDT 1999

Greetings from Brasil !

It's a very nice idea to tell the world about Python, maybe I will follow
the exemple and write a paper in Portuguese... I just don't know where to
publish it yet.

Tanx all

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>Hi there,
>I saw  a discussion about "Is Python dying?" on the mailing list some
>months ago. That time I decided to write an article about Python in a
>Now the article was published in the CHIP Magazine in Hungary yesterday.
>The title is The friendly snake.
>I made a HTML version of that <
>http://www.cab.u-szeged.hu/~h532851/cikk/index.htm >.
>It was written on the base of the FAQ, interviews, articles about Python
>and other languages (Perl, Rebol) and my experience.
>The content:
>Shortly about Python
>What language is that?
>Installing of Python
>Documentation and examples
>Learning the language
>Writing and running of Python programs
>Life of Python
>Some interesting developments
>Hungary is not a big country (10 million inhabitants), and not everybody is
>a programmer.
>I put a counter on the main page <
>http://www.cab.u-szeged.hu/~h532851/python.htm > to see the interest.
>I hope it helps Python to be known better.
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