Starting a project: any hints?

Gerrit Holl gerrit.holl at
Thu Jun 17 15:46:43 CEST 1999

Hello python-aholics,

I'm a 13-years-old-boy and I've about half a year programming experience. And
now I'm going to start a serious project, called "discoverb" (name can still
change). Below is the discription. I just want to know if anyone has hints for
a half-newbie.

Discoverb is an interactive program meant to test learned words. It reads the
words from a file. Discoverb does also supports comments (#) in the file, one
word with more words in the foreign language (all words needed), one word with
more possible words in the foreign language (one of the words needed). If there
are more words, you'll be asked. All the wrong words can be written to a file,
which can be tested (and hand-edited) again.

discoverb will exist of 3 classes: Parser, Writer and Tester. Parser reads the
words from a file and make a dictionairy, Writer writes the wrong words (see
above) to a file, and Tester asks the user for words and tests them, and will
also do the status update.

Why discoverb?
When I was learning latin words, I came on this idea. Discere is the latin word
for "learn", and disco means "I learn". Verb does not only means verb, but also
word. So it means: I learn word. Beside that, it can also be interpreted as
discover-b. I still have to get a nice story for that b... :-)

Is there anyone with about half a year first-programming experience who've had
a project but encounterd problems?

The project webpage will be at (today, I hope).


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