[Python|Crypto] on handhelds (was Re: Thanks for Python...)

William Tanksley wtanksle at dolphin.openprojects.net
Tue Jun 29 19:27:42 EDT 1999

On 29 Jun 1999 07:35:42 PDT, Mordy Ovits wrote:
>William Tanksley wrote:

>To each his own. :-)  Don't you wish all flame were required to end like that
>(i.e. before they started?)

Yes, it is kinda nice.  Can we please argue about something now?  This IS
Usenet, after all -- I can't pass the Turing test on other topics.

>> >> I used Quartus on my Crypto exam to solve a modular equation after I
>> >> forgot how to solve modular equations (I had it use brute force).

>> >Wow!  I wish I had had my E100 when I was in college.  I just realized how
>> >awesome that would have been. :-)

>> Actually, I sometimes miss my old OmniGo, which was a pocket computer, in
>> spite of being slower than the Pilot for some tasks.  I really needed the
>> glorified organizer (and had been fooled into thinking that the OmniGo was
>> one), but the OmniGo had some abilties that the Pilot doesn't.

>I'm not familiar with the OmniGo.  Got a link for me?

Sure.  It's discontinued, because HP got touched by Microsoft, but it was
a decent little tool, just a little slow to handle things that an
organizer needs to do quickly (in spite of the fact that it's faster than
a Pilot in actual speed).

http://www.geoworks.com/devices/omnigo/ seems to be the best thing I can
find -- there was a really good user site, but I lost the link and Google
can't find it (there are too many Omnigo mailing lists).

>> >The SECOND time I saw that sig was in ESR's mail.  The first was mine.  I doubt
>> >ESR copied mine, but who knows? :-)

>> You mean you wrote it?  If so, there seems to have crept into it a bug --
>> one of the implicit unpackings don't work.

>No, I didn't write it.  It was written by the all-talented AMK.  I did write a
>nifty version of Bruuce Schneier's Solitaire algorithm, though.  check out:

I've read that -- I always read Counterpane's site :-).


-William "Billy" Tanksley

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