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Wed Jun 2 19:31:01 EDT 1999

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  jeremy at wrote:
> I have noticed what appear to be problems with the gateway between
> the mailing list (python-list at and the newsgroup -- and
> more specifically with the view of the newsgroup at dejanews.
> Since about last Thursday, messages I have sent to
> python-list at haven't been showing up at Deja News. I
> would assume they also aren't showing up in the newsgroup, but
> I'm not sure.
> So two questions: First, has anyone else noticed problems with
> messages sent to the mailing list not appearing in the newsgroup?

I hadn't checked, but now that you mention it I see that DejaNews
doesn't having anything from me after 27-May-99 (last Thursday -- I
think -- let's see -- yes -- I think) either.

> Trying to establish the scope of the problem.  Perhaps it's just
> weirdness related to my messages.


> Second, has anyone seen posts from me on the newsgroup lately --
> say in the Python 2.0 thread?

Not from the newsfeed at work, but it's an exceptionally poor one.  Did
see them on the mailing list.

> (I'm sure everybody keeps track of all the witty and insightful
> comments I make <1.0 wink>.)

indeed-i-hear-they're-building-a-shrine-in-your-honor<wink>-ly y'rs  -

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