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Tue Jun 1 01:01:00 CEST 1999

Gaetan Corneau wrote in message
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>I was told that in Visual Basic, there is object called "Err" I can access
>to retrieve error messages.
>Is that object (or an equivalent) accessible in Python? Or do I just catch
>an exception and question it? If so, what exception do I catch?

You catch:
  except pythoncom.com_error, (hr, desc, exc, argErr):

In this case, "desc" describes the hr - ie, is likely to be a generic
message.  The specific info is in the exc tuple (if not None):

wCode, source, desc, helpfile, helpcontext, scode = exc

source desc, helpfile are strings.  "desc" is the item you are after if it

Eg, here is what I use:
def get_msg(exc_info):
 hr, msg, exc, arg = exc_info
 if exc and exc[2]:
  return exc[2]
 return msg


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