[FYI] Future and Status of the RPM based Linux distribution

jam jam at newimage.com
Wed Jun 23 09:00:41 EDT 1999

On Wed, Jun 23, 1999 at 10:27:01AM +0000, olli at rhein-zeitung.de wrote:
> Hi,
> as I am receiving more and more emails when I will release a RedHat 6
> compatible ready to use version of my distribution and when which module is
> available for the distribution, I like to comment on this in the newsgroup,
> cause all of the senders seem to read this group. And so I can reach some
> other people too.
> But I also have some plans concerning the distribution and the non x86
> versions. I like to setup some group writeable FTP directory on Starship
> Python so that I can give the contributors a password to upload their packages
> in a certain directory. That is just an idea, and I have to talk to the
> Starship admins about that. Otherwise I will offer this access on my own
> server and rsync the Starship dir from here.
> Best regards,
>     Oliver Andrich


I'm a big fan of your RPM packages, and I'm currently running python 1.5.2
on a redhat 6.0 based machine. ;)

as a general point, why don't we make up a web page that will allow the
uploading of (small) modules, to be approved by a moderator, via a webpage?
this would seem to simplify the problem of a 'group writable' directory. I
have some code I've been working on that might help push this along based on
medusa, and being able to have a file section is something I've wanted to
kick in the right direction for a while.

how about this.. if you can try to help me get 'getdatemodule' out to the
masses with your spec file skills (mine are a bit weak), I'll try to help
you with my web application skills (which I am stronger in). does that sound

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