signal handler

Thooney Millennier too at
Mon Jun 28 10:30:41 EDT 1999

I am sorry for my late reply,
and thank for your suggestion.
I did't know functions such as

Well, I tried and realized...
If you use "kill(getpid(),SIGINT)",
it works. (ie. callback ok!)
Instead,if you send "Control-C" by keyboard input,
it does not. (nothing happens,signal ignored)

It is confusing.

Ovidiu Predescu wrote:
>> Hi, I want to use "signal()" in my program.
>>   import signal;
>>   def func(arg1,arg2):
>>       print "OK!";
>>   signal.signal(SOME_SIGNAL,func);
>> It seems "func()" is not called
>> when the program gets signal "SOME_SIGNAL".
>> Why?
> It looks like you forgot to send the signal. One way you could 
> implement this code is:
> from signal import signal, SIGINT
> from os import getpid, kill
> def signalHandler (signum, frame):
>    print 'signal handler called for signal %d' % (signum,)
> signal (SIGINT, signalHandler)
> kill (getpid (), 

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