Python 2.0

Tim Peters tim_one at
Wed Jun 9 22:22:05 EDT 1999

[Hisao Suzuki]
> Me too.  And I am afraid that some evangelists would do nothing
> but _only_ point out Python's some so-called fault in order to
> drive us into convert to their favorite or invented language...

[Yukihiro Matsumoto]
> Sorry for bothering the newsgroup.

Hmm.  The level of paranoia in this thread is quite remarkable!  I don't
think Suzuki was talking about you (or Ruby) here, and your contributions to
the thread have been civil and helpful.  Always said you should hang out
here more often <wink>.

> But I couldn't resist pointing out misunderstanding about "real GC"
> among some part of Python users.

Nice link!  Thank you.

> It's totally OK for Python to use ref counting.

Ya, but it's not OK for Ruby to use Scheme gc, so stop doing that <wink>.

like-any-of-this-is-going-to-change-anything-ly y'rs  - tim

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