Python 2.0

Paul Boddie paulb at
Wed Jun 2 05:39:46 EDT 1999

Graham Matthews wrote:
> Paul Boddie (paulb at wrote:
> : As has been discussed before on this newsgroup/list, such resources get
> : overlooked in many a garbage collection scheme. I'm sure a perusal of
>                 ----
> : various news/list archives would provide a substantial amount of relevant
> : literature.
> That word "many" is your key Paul. Just because many a garbage collection
> scheme works that way doesn't mean all do, or all have to. It's entirely
> an implementation dependent thing.

Absolutely. I'm not ruling anything out here. ;-)

> You are creating a strawman argument that GC cannot properly free resources
> like files. But some GC do just that so what is your point?

Well, my statement was actually an invitation for more enlightened contributors
to give examples of such schemes, and this has evidently had the intended
effect. Since you have probably played as important a role as anyone in the
previous discussions I mentioned, Graham, perhaps you could indeed enlighten us.
I really don't have any objections to "full" GC, provided it is done in a way
which avoids the pitfalls described in previous posts.


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