MySQL interface

Sim & Golda Zacks Sim.&.Golda.Zacks at
Wed Jun 30 12:14:15 EDT 1999

From: Sim & Golda Zacks <simngolda at>

My ISP has a MySQL server and I want to use it through Python 1.4. The
version of MySQL they have is:  mysql  Ver 9.16 Distrib 3.21.33, for
pc-linux-gnu (i586).
I looked at the Python database site and they have a module for MySQL,
but it is a C file and the instructions are to build it with the
distribution. I am not building anything, all I want to do is use the
database server. Can someone help me figure out what I need to use, and
how to get it. I was going to use Gadfly, but I'm also going to need to
use a database with JAVA JDBC so I want to use the same product for all
my stuff.
The ISP only has Python 1.4.



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