OO (was: Why is tcl broken?)

Klaus Schilling Klaus.Schilling at home.ivm.de
Mon Jun 14 11:46:14 CEST 1999

"Tim Peters" <tim_one at email.msn.com> writes:

> [Fernando Mato Mira]
> > Although Dylan never really made it into "Fernando's elegibility list"
> > because it was not a serious contender against Scheme and CL yet, it
> > definitely got banished the day the Lisp syntax was dropped. I'm still
> > waiting for the day when the Dylan fans will reinstate the alternative.
> OK!  Now we know the answer Fernando is looking for:  Tcl is fatally broken
> because its syntax differs from Lisp's <0.9 wink>.

Infix syntax is junk.

Klaus Schilling

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