File locking

Markus Stenberg mstenber at cc.Helsinki.FI
Mon Jun 7 06:47:02 CEST 1999

"Barry A. Warsaw" <bwarsaw at> writes:
> You might want to look at Mailman's module.  The doc string
> says:
>     Portable (?) file locking with timeouts.  
>     This code should work with all versions of NFS.
>     The algorithm was suggested by the GNU/Linux open() man page.  Make
>     sure no malicious people have access to link() to the lock file.
> It's also been banged on quite a bit, although I'll make no guarantees 
> that it's bug free.  It's probably pretty close tho'.

At least on our HP-UX devel box (HP-UX 11.0) it failed miserably, didn't
have the time to examine why, though. 

> -Barry


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