Python GUIs: Abandoning TkInter and welcoming wxPython?

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Sat Jun 26 04:57:48 CEST 1999

Michael P. Reilly <arcege at> wrote in message
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> Zigron <zigron at> wrote:
> : Kevin Dahlhausen <morse at> wrote in message
> I wouldn't care if wxPython was standard, I would still use Tkinter,
> better design philosophy, IMTO (most anything is better than
> MFC-oriented systems, even curses).
> There are other graphical packages for Python out there too, it would
> be appropriate to contrast them as well.
    Exactly. There are plenty of GUI packages out there, why have a
standard one? For me, for everything I want to do, wxPython is a very
obvious and clear choice. For you, its Tkinter.
    What annoys me is that Tkinter *is* the de-facto standard, and is
actually now shipped with python itself. If TCL wasn't involved, if they
DID use the TK/C api, that wouldn't be such a problem.. but they do,
so, the whole 'if they did.....' argument is moot.

> Python is a good language, with good extension capabilities.  I think
> there is enough room for more than one GUI package.

    I think there will always be handfulls, regardless. No one will ever
agree that one is the best.


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