tstate invalid crash with threads

Stephen Robert Norris srn at fn.com.au
Wed Jun 9 02:23:45 EDT 1999

In article <000101beb237$88b71d80$999e2299 at tim>,
	"Tim Peters" <tim_one at email.msn.com> intoned:
> Followups to the Thread-SIG, please.
> [Ray Loyzaga]
>> I have been playing with a multithreaded tcp based server for a while,
>> and during some serious stress testing continually hit a problem
>> involving the interpreter crashing with "Fatal Python error:
>> PyThreadState_Delete: invalid tstate".
>> ...
>> It appears to be a subtle race in PyThreadState_Delete ....
>> interestingly, if I uncomment the small sleep in "handle" in the server,
>> ie. make the server slower, it seems to work for ever ... 4m transactions
>> before I gave up. I think the problem only comes if you are creating and
>> destroying threads quickly in parallel.
> PyThreadState_Delete is called from very few places, and one of them strikes
> me as suspicious:  at the end of threadmodule.c's t_bootstrap, we have:
> 	PyThreadState_Clear(tstate);
> 	PyEval_ReleaseThread(tstate);
> 	PyThreadState_Delete(tstate);
> 	PyThread_exit_thread();
> The suspicious thing here is that PyEval_ReleaseThread releases the global
> interpreter lock, so nothing is serializing calls to PyThreadState_Delete
> made from the following line.  PyThreadState_Delete in turn does no locking
> of its own either, but mutates a shared list.
> If this isn't plain wrong, it's certainly not plain right <wink>.  Matches
> your symptoms, too (very rare blowups during high rates of thread death).
> Guido?  I haven't been able to provoke Ray's problem under Win95, but the
> above just doesn't smell right.
> win95-didn't-crash-but-the-TAB-and-ESC-keys-did-swap-their-
>     meanings!-ly y'rs  - tim

I've put a lock in pystate.c around anything that touches tstate,
and it seems to have fixed the problem (although reproducing it is

This seems to be the same solution that Tim suggests, but at one remove.

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