pyGTK on Windows

Alex Maranda amaranda at
Thu Jun 3 12:58:26 EDT 1999

Nahuel wrote:
> Hi, im about to do a cross-plataform GUI application in Linux and
> Windoze... i must
> choose the GUI toolkit.. my question is .. can i use pyGTK under
> Windows???
It's probably doable (as somebody's doing a port of GTK to Windoze -
check out for the URL), but not worthy in my oppinion (the
port does not use Common Controls and the like).
A much better choice is wxPython, which is
Python on top of wxWindows, a cross-platform GUI framework. You get
Windoze, Unix (Gtk and Motif), and Mac.
> (I need a gui that can display a table with about 4000 lines without
> crashing (not like Tk :))
there is a wxGrid widget in wxWindows.

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