Sockets and lemon curry

Ian King iking at
Sun Jun 6 02:09:00 EDT 1999

From: Gordon McMillan <gmcm at>
To: Ian King <iking at>; <python-list at>
Sent: Saturday, June 05, 1999 8:14 PM
Subject: Re: Sockets and lemon curry

> Ian King writes:
> > I'm trying to implement an rshd server in Python.  The problem seems
> > to be with establishing the secondary socket for stderr.  I'm using
> > a Linux 2.0 box as client, and a Windows machine as server
> Yes. On *nix, it takes root authority to create sockets on ports
> below 1024. No such limit on NT. You didn't say what 'port2' was, but
> it sure fits the symptoms...
> - Gordon
This sounded right on, but as I played with it, I realized: the secondary
port (which is, yes, a reserved port) is created on the Linux box; the NT
machine is simply doing a connect() (and there are no problems as Python
under NT creates *its* socket).  Nonetheless, I played with .rhosts and
such, to create as benign (and dangerous!) an environment as possible on the
client, to no avail.  Besides, if I couldn't connect() to reserved ports,
that would pretty much preclude most Internet services!  :-)

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