[pickle] Different version of a class

mlauer at asmoday-atm.rz.uni-frankfurt.de mlauer at asmoday-atm.rz.uni-frankfurt.de
Sun Jun 6 18:44:32 CEST 1999


my application uses pickle to store and load data.

During developing cycle, many variables are added
to the classes which are pickled. Whenever I load
a file pickled with a previous version, some
variables are not existent (naturally, because
__init__ is not called). Is there an easy way
to initialize the "new" variables or must I
call __init__ - which would overwrite some of
my saved variables.

Any idea ?

    Regards & Gruesse from Mickey @ http://www.Vanille.de
  How could anyone know me - when I don't even know myself ?

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