Alien whitespace eating nanovirus strikes again!

Martijn Faassen faassen at
Thu Jun 3 23:15:29 CEST 1999

Jim Meier wrote:

You're the guy who did the GGI wrapper, right? I've been playing with it
a little, now I need more docs... Perhaps I'll go write some.

> > I must say that Emacs Python mode helps tremendously in this respect,
> > though. Without it or something similar block indentation wouldn't be as
> > easy (though I've found I can code in Windows Notepad too if I really
> > want to :).
> Oh, ditto. I just *love* (x)emacs now, though I would really like it to take far
> less memory and be extendable with python.
> Wow, talking about old H/W makes me sound old - I'm only 19!

Well, computer tech moves quickly (I'd say 'in internet time' but it
already did before the net was popular).

I remember the days before the great internet explosion, 1991 and such,
where I could talk about the marvels of the net and get looks 'Martijn
is talking about computer stuff again'. These days I sit in the bus and
hear people talk about 'getting email'. And I'm only 25. :) I can go on
and on about the MSX-2, its VDP chip and Z80 assembler. :)

This made me come up with the Quantum-Martijn-Solipsist theory of
Reality Alteration: 'If Martijn rambles about something exciting to
people that people don't get, reality will change within a few years so
that suddenly everybody is using it.'

I'm rambling about Python these days. Yesterday I read a paper from
Guido about how he was thinking about bringing Python (or some successor
language) to *billions* of users. :)



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