Creating a new type with an extension module

Michael P. Reilly arcege at
Tue Jun 22 16:16:11 EDT 1999

Michael P. Reilly <arcege at> wrote:

: But the documentation on extending Python is pretty well known
: deficiency.  Luckily it is far easier than most languages, both to
: accomplish and to understand (yet more kudos to Guido).  Actually, in
: responce to your earlier posting, I started writing a _SHORT_ webpage
: explaining what is needed, which I hope to have available later today.
: I plan (and hope) to make it into a How-To later.

I've put a copy of my short, quick tutorial on how to write an
extension.  It is very terse, but has all the basics, including a full
example, hints and some minor tricks.

Let me know how well it reads (I doubt it reads well since it was
started this morning).


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