ssh with telnetlib

Michael Muller proteus at
Tue Jun 29 17:38:31 CEST 1999

m liss wrote:
> Hello,
> has someone already made support ssh ?
> I want to use Python for remote administration.
> regards,
> Mirko
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> M Liß, <n89553 at>

I wouldn't expect to see this any time soon: telnet and ssh are very
two different protocols.

Your best options are:

1) use telnetlib to tunnel through an established ssh connection
2) write a module that wraps the ssh client, communicating to it through
   popen2 or popen3

Option 1 will require a telnet daemon to be available on the remote

If you're interested, and can wait, I'm working on a python based 
distributed object system which will (eventually) support ssh tunneling.

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