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On Thu, 3 Jun 1999 gutier at wrote:

> Hi Michael.
> Thanks for the suggestion.
> I had been mulling over the idea of somehow getting the Tk event loop
> to periodically call a method of mine which would read a queue and do
> what's needed. Would the lock you describe interfere with this in any
> way? If not, how do I go about injecting messages into the Tk event
> loop?
> Also, as you can guess I know little about Tk. Where is the event loop 
> in the code you provided below? Does the tk.after() call look at Tk's
> event loop and perform necessary actions?

I omitted the event loop call in this example.  Add the line:


This is the standard event loop, and it will continue to process events
until the application is terminated.

tk.after() creates a "timer"; the event handler subsequently reacts to the
timer and calls the function at the appropriate time.

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