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Jeffrey P Shell jeffrey at
Fri Jun 4 21:20:26 CEST 1999

> i also looked at ZTemplates (a component of Zope),
>    <>,
> and while it doesn't actually embed python, it has a limited embedding
> language of its own, DTML, which gets munged into python. i must say that
> DTML looks a bit hideous (if anyone from digicool is reading, sorry guys).

ZTemplates, aka DTML Syntax is this::

 <!--#var foo-->

DTML Scripting is this::

 <!--#var "foo(bar=something + _['sequence-item']"-->

It's not munged into python, it IS python.  It's just expressions, and it's
run through a Safe Evaluator (that (in Zope) works with security machinery,
and tries to prevent things like infinite recursion and some other
potentially unsafe things).

Just wanted to clear that up.

In Zope where everything can potentially be managed through the web and
control can be turned over to other people, the safety of expressions and
hook-ins to the Zope security machinery is a very powerful notion.

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