ANN: Stackless Python 0.2

Christian Tismer tismer at
Tue Jun 15 13:20:10 CEST 1999

Neel Krishnaswami wrote:

[Stackless Python 0.2]

> This is very neat, and you are completely deranged. I know just
> enough to know that I should cheer you on, mind, but I'll try to
> cheer loudly. Feel free to make an announce when you add coroutine
> support. Please? :)

Thanks :-)

Sure I will. I'd like to know wether my binary works ok for you.
You might also try a recursive function, it should raise an
exception after 29999 recursions (just to have *a* limit).

I'm just undecided on the design. There are a couple of
different coroutine interfaces. You find them for instance in
Scheme, in Modula II, some Oberons, Icon, and in Tim Peter's
example which I added to my stackless archive.
Do you have a proposal?

For Stackless V. 0.3 I'm planning for some more nonrecursive
builtins, and also for a proper "invalid opcode" handling,
which makes it possible to extend the standard interpreter
without having to build Python or rewrite eval_code completely.
This will give a new playing ground for Michael Hudson.

Then the Stackless implementation will only undergo changes
if something needs internal support. Everything else will
go into extension modules which can be loaded on demand.

One extension I'm planning is an API engine, which knows all
C API calls and all internal structures. Together with a
small fast engine, this will allow to build new fast
functions without a compler. Maybe this is not for this year.

But first I have to get out of this asylum :-?

lunaticly y'rs - chris

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