idle- setting breakpoints

Karthik Ganesan Karthik.Ganesan at
Wed Jun 30 19:32:03 CEST 1999

From: Karthik Ganesan <k_ganesan at>


To set a breakpoint under idle:
-have a "Python Shell" (the one which opens up when you fire up idle) open
-Select Debug->Debugger, a window should pop open having the GUI for the
Now you can set breakpoint in your code.

If you dont have this debug window open, you get a bell from the function
PyShellEditorWindow.set_breakpoint_here(self, event=none) as the attribute
self.flist.pyshell.interp.debugger is <None>.

It seems that the function PyShell.toggle_debugger() (called when you select
the above
menu option) gives this attribute a valid value.


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