"The Python Way"

Graham Matthews graham at sloth.math.uga.edu
Mon Jun 7 02:46:14 CEST 1999

[Patrick Phalen, misattributed to Fredrik Lundh]
> Would both Guido and TIm Peters be willing to collaborate on a short
> paper -- call it "The Python Way" for lack of a better title -- which
> sets out the 10-20 prescriptives they might offer to those who come to
> Python from other languages and immediately want to find a way to bend
> it into uncomfortable positions -- (implement closures, etc.).
[Graham Matthews]
> Does anyone else consider that the above sounds slightly paranoid?
Tim Peters (tim_one at email.msn.com) wrote:
: Less so than your response <0.6 wink>.  

I don't think so Tim. I think my post was pretty fair actually. I think
a fair evaluation of this group is that critiques of Python (and that
includes suggestions for improvements) are met pretty hostily (if there
is such a word). I think Python misses out on a lot of good ideas as
a result, and that's a shame. The whole notion of "the Python way" is
pretty much anathema to the notion of open discussion. 

Tim Peters (tim_one at email.msn.com) wrote:
: I saw no hint that Patrick was
: referring to you or your current agenda.  In context, he was clearly asking
: for the list of "Pythonic Principles" from which Guido supposedly deduces--
: with exacting rigor <choke> --what goes in and what stays out.  That's all.

I think you are showing your spots here Tim. My post clearly cited used
my contributions to the GC thread *as an example* of the hostility that
news (or old, as in this GC case) are treated. It clearly did *not*
say that I thought Patrick's comments (badly attributed to Fredrik)
were directed at me.

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