Python 2.0

Paul Prescod paul at
Tue Jun 1 10:21:15 EDT 1999

Dennis Lee Bieber wrote:
>         Ever seen the Amiga variant of REXX? AREXX had a very simple
> interface to compatible applications (compatible meaning that the
> application creates an "AREXX message port"). In (A)REXX, a statement
> line that is not recognized as part of the language itself is sent to
> the current "command interpreter" -- default is the command shell, but
> it can just as easily be an application (ADDRESS
> <application-port-name>).

That's all cool, but on Windows you get to choose your scripting language
which, for Python users, is even cooler. Still, I take your point that
AREXX was years ahead of Windows. And AREXX was ripped off of mainframe
REXX which was, of course, even older.

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