Curses for MSDOS

Alexander V. Voinov avv at
Sun Jun 20 07:58:19 CEST 1999


Klaus-Juergen Wolf wrote:

> Swartz <swartz at> wrote:
>  > Is there anything like curses for MS-DOS?  Thanx.
> I know of PC-Curses. Written in the early 80s. Maybe someone has
> extended it, but in the state I had seen it had no NCurses extensions
> and wouldn't work with Python.
> Probably very few people used it, because that screen access mechanism
> was relatively slow on MS-DOS.

I learned that the emulation of curses in SLang
( is sometimes even better than the
original curses, ncurses, etc. I may be valid also for MS-DOS. If you can
build the SLang library for MS-DOS and link your curses-demanding
application with it you may have solved your problems.

You may want to take a look at the Python wrapper for SLang:

I haven't yet tried it for MS-DOS (there were no demand, especially from
myself :-), but it may compile out of box.

For MS-DOS with djgpp everybody is welcom to try my very very alpha
wrapper around TurboVision, please take a look at the binary
"distribution" (just try and let me know if that makes sense for you)



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