Python GUIs: Abandoning TkInter and welcoming wxPython?

Robin Dunn robin at
Tue Jun 29 03:41:34 EDT 1999

Jeffrey Chang wrote in message ...
>Tkinter is very good for that type of thing.  All I needed to do was
>create a Canvas and then for each node, create an Oval with a callback to
>a function that handles node clicks.  Tk keeps track of the coordinates of
>each Item so that I don't have to.  Also, whenever I wanted to move the
>tree, all I had to do was:
>for widget in self._canvas.find_all():
>    self._canvas.move(widget, xoff, yoff)

This will shortly be very easy to do with wxPython as well.  If all goes
well the next release will include the wxOGL library (Object Graphics
Library) which handles drawing various shapes and such on a canvas,
including event notification for those shapes, dragging, etc.

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