Python GUIs: Abandoning TkInter and welcoming wxPython?

Corran Webster cwebster at
Sat Jun 26 02:21:25 CEST 1999

In article <99062523473500.00769 at Vegus>,
John Travers  <jtravs at> wrote:
>Has anybody tried the PyKDE/Qt package, (you don't have to have KDE), it is
>absoloutly fantastic, quick, easy, powerful, far far better than Tkinter.
>I love it!

This is missing the point - although PyKDE/Qt might be a very nice GUI, it's
not cross-platform in the same way as Tcl/Tk.  The same goes for Fltk,
gtk or what have you.  It sounds like wxWindows might be getting near
the same level of cross-platform compatibility - and it certainly seems
to be one of the groups' objectives - it's not there yet.

The point of having a standard GUI for python is that it's _standard_.
ie. that it's likely to work no matter what your platform.  At present,
Tk seems to be the only mature package with that sort of ubiquity.  And
for all it's shortcomings, Tkinter does at least get you your basic
widgets up on the screen.

The other possible approach, of course, is to have a standard GUI API
for python which can have your favourite GUI slipped in under the
covers.  I believe that people have looked into that sort of approach,
but I haven't looked recently at how things have developed.  However
because this has to be a lowest common denominator approach, you are
sure to lose your favourite bells and whistles from your favourite

In the meantime, by all means, develop using your favourite GUI, but
the time is not right, it seems, for replacing Tk as the standard.


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