[tkinter] two questions regarding Canvas

Joseph Robertson jmrober1 at ingr.com
Wed Jun 2 13:12:34 EDT 1999

Sure does,  heres some relevant clips.  Sorry I couldn't send the whole
thing but its too big.
I have a class that creates the canvas, then I set the binding:

def __init__(self)
self.canvas.bind('<Button-1>', self.CellClick)

Heres the working method:
def CellClick(self, event):
        cellbbox = self.canvas.bbox('current')
        self.canvas.create_rectangle(cellbbox, outline='blue',

Now I don't have it editable yet, I am using this,
    item = self.canvas.create_text(xpos, ypos,  text=field, font=self.f)

in a loop to put data onto the canvas.

I'm sure that creating a hidden Entry and the moving it and making it
visible would work fine, or don't move it and make a 'status line' type
of data editing, like Lotus did.

Good Luck,

mlauer at amalia-atm.rz.uni-frankfurt.de wrote:

> Howdy, though I'm gaining knowledge through
> browsing through all the available documentation
> (that is, the tkinter life-preserver, tkinter.py
> and the tk/tcl documentation) some things
> remain misterious...
> For instance:
> a) Does the tk Canvas support "inplace" editing of
> text items or what are the functions Canvas.icursor
> and Canvas.focus for ? If so, how ? For instance,
> binding the <Any-Enter> to a text item function,
> which sets icursor and focus doesn't work for me
> (yes, the canvas has the current focus)
> b) Does the Canvas support a visible selection
> of items (such as a boundaring rectangle or so)
> on its own or have I to do this via binding <Any-Enter>
> and <Any-Leave> ?
> Have a nice day!
> --
>     Regards & Gruesse from Mickey @ http://www.Vanille.de
>   ---------------------------------------------------------
>   How could anyone know me - when I don't even know myself ?

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