& tvtwm

Michael Vezie mlv at
Thu Jun 24 18:42:40 CEST 1999

I think I've found a bug in tkSimpleDialog (Python 1.5.1, apologies 
if it's been fixed in 1.5.2).

In the Dialog class, in __init__(), it sets it's geometry by:

    self.geometry("+%d+%d" % (parent.winfo_rootx()+50,

Problem is, in tvtwm, if you're not in the first window, the rootx 
and rooty are that of the full virtual window (e.g., if you're in 
one window over, at X position 250 (relative to the current window), 
and your screen is 1000 pixels wide, rootx returns 1250.  When the 
geometry is set, it then sets it to be 1250 relative to the current 
window, which, if your virtual space is only two screens wide, is off 
the screen, never to be seen again.

A solution that I believe will work with both tvtwm and fvwm2 (only 
two I've checked, but probably others) is to add winfo_vrootx() to 
the mix.  In fvwm2, vrootx is always 0 (I think), while in tvtwm, it 
is (in the above example), -1000.  Adding it would give a current 
position of 250, which will work for future windows.

I hope those who know much more about window managers than I do will 
correct my theories as they see fit.  For myself, I'm fixing the problem 
locally by adding winfo_vrootx/y to that line.  Let me know if there's a 
better way that is more portable (or preferably, whatever way will be 
used in future versions of python).


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