Embedded Tcl for Python

Paul Duffin pduffin at mailserver.hursley.ibm.com
Fri Jun 11 13:18:58 CEST 1999

Michael P. Reilly wrote:
> A few weeks ago, someone asked if there was a Tcl module for Python.
> People responded (including myself) that Tkinter uses a Tcl/Tk
> interpreter, but you couldn't get rid of the annoying window.
> I've since written an extension ("pytcl") that creates Tcl interpreter
> objects.  As part of that, I have also rewritten _tkinter to use these
> new objects.
> I've had a short discussion with Guido and he's interested in the
> idea.  Now I need some alpha testers; I only have access to UNIX boxes,
> and very few types at that.
> The _tkinter module has the same functionality as before, including the
> same threading issues.  I've include Deiter's Tcl/Tk8.1 patch but have
> not had the opportunity to test that yet (right not it is just do-no-
> damage).
> Contact me at arcege at shore.net if you are interested in helping me test
> these modules.

I was interested in doing something similar in Tcl (e.g. creating a
python interpreter object) and I was wondering if someone could give
me some pointers as to how to go about doing it. 

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