Installing ODBC on PythonWin

Andrew Clover esuzm at
Sat Jun 19 06:59:58 CEST 1999

(References lost due to having to post through a slow newsfeed whilst
 reading replies in

Gordon McMillan <gmcm at> soothed my Access pain with:

> Repeat after me: "Access is NOT a server, Access is NOT a server".

 Erm... Access is not a server. I guess. :-)

 Access is barely competent as a client...

> If accessed through ODBC it is most definitely absolutely NOT safe. It's
> not even safe for mutiple connections from one process.
> Access is dandy on the desktop as an overgrown spreadsheet. It is the LAST
> thing you should use for CGI.
 It would seem so. I knew we'd have to move to a non-cruddy dbms at some
point, but I had imagined Access would be able to cope with a single user
(viz me) clicking Reload on a CGI page repeatedly. I guess it was naive of
me to expect anything much of MS's flagship Office suite...

 Oh well. I downloaded and installed MySQL and though the process wasn't
terribly pleasant, at least the damned thing *works* now. Anyone want to
criticise this choice of server/suggest something else?

 ObPython - actually Ob<eeghead84 at>'s-original posting:

> I was able to partially install mxODBC by copying all the files into the
> right place but I'm having trouble compiling the modules in vc++. 

> I'm going to pull my hair out!!! Could someone show me an easier way of
> installing ODBC?

 Hmm... earlier whilst trying to figure out what was going on, I DLed mxODBC
as a replacement for ODBC, and it worked relatively painlessly - the
distribution at
included precompiled .pyds so there was no need to compile anything, though
it is necessary to include the ODBC directory (and DateTime) in PythonPath

 wwww - wish I weren't working with Windows.

This posting was brought to you by And Clover.

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