Holger Jannsen holger at
Fri Jun 25 11:26:54 CEST 1999

Hello Karl,

we just like to have a nice and easy tool written in python to 
install our different products on different platforms like
WinNT, Win9X, Linux. 
I started to write python-code a few weeks ago. I couldn't
imagine what a great publicity that language has. So I began
to write my own tool without looking for ready solutions.
Inside this book of Himstedt/Mätzel I found this notice
about RedHat, but I don't think, it's that what we need.

glint -- (Version 2.4.2, 429K)

Glint is a graphical interface to the RPM package management tool. It allows you to browse
packages installed on your system, verify and query those package. It
allows allows you to update packages with new versions and install new packages. 

We don't like to manage RPM-packages. We need to untar/unzip many files
from installation medium, create directories, set registry-entries or environments,
links and so on...
If we decide, that the tool is ready for public, we'll open source, I think. Then 
you could get a look at it, and perhaps it may be useful for somebody. But don't 
expect too much, I'm a newbie in python, and there may be many objects that you
may be have done in a better way...;-)

Holger Jannsen

Karl Eichwalder schrieb:
> Holger Jannsen <holger at> writes:
> |   I'm working on an installation-tool for linux/win without any
> |   graphical interface but file-controlled.
> How do you define "installation-tool"?  There's "xrpm" that's able to
> (de)install RPM packages nicely, and more.  But "xrpm" has a GUI, too.
> It comes with SuSE Linux.
> --
> Karl Eichwalder

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