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Vlachidis Costas vlachid at
Fri Jun 25 04:51:19 EDT 1999

Hi all
After examining  all python related modules ,I decided to use graphapp
package in C language mixed with python scripts, to a project that I,m
working on .
My problem is that I never have enough time to read all related python
documentation,So I appreciated any  help in the following (in the
graphapp package) .
1)With the askfilesave dialog box the scrollbar button sticks and fill
all scrolling area after pressing once the scrolling buttons. Is there
some tip in the dialog.c distribution file  able to resolve this
2)I'm not able to make newsubmenu function working properly.Can someone
tel me  how to use it in the midle of a menu, show submenu items and
then show the rest of the parrent menu items?I thing thatit is a object
handling related problem.
3)How to colorise menu items background?
4)Finaly how to make a python script call (in my case some
script) from inside a  myprogramm.c file?
Best regards
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