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William Tanksley wtanksle at
Thu Jun 24 20:28:26 EDT 1999

On 24 Jun 1999 07:55:38 PDT, Mordy Ovits wrote:
>William Tanksley wrote:
>> Sure, but we've got Pilots, so that's not an open option.  Fortunately,
>> the Pilot has Quartus Forth available for it -- it's not Python, but
>> honestly, Forth fits the limitations of the device better.

>I had a Pilot for a year before I realized that it wasn;t what I needed.  It's a
>glorified organizer, when what I wanted was a pocket computer.  So I shelled out
>for the E-100 and I've never looked back.  The difference is light years, not

I have a certain amount of leeriness about posting advocacy on unrelated
NGs, so I'll limit myself to saying that the difference is years, not
miles.  The two machines work differently: one is a glorified organizer,
the other is a pocket computer.  Both of them can fool you into thinking
they're something else, because they're both powerful.

I need a personal organizer.

>> I used Quartus on my Crypto exam to solve a modular equation after I
>> forgot how to solve modular equations (I had it use brute force).

>Wow!  I wish I had had my E100 when I was in college.  I just realized how
>awesome that would have been. :-)

Oh yeah.

Actually, I sometimes miss my old OmniGo, which was a pocket computer, in
spite of being slower than the Pilot for some tasks.  I really needed the
glorified organizer (and had been fooled into thinking that the OmniGo was
one), but the OmniGo had some abilties that the Pilot doesn't.

>The SECOND time I saw that sig was in ESR's mail.  The first was mine.  I doubt
>ESR copied mine, but who knows? :-)

You mean you wrote it?  If so, there seems to have crept into it a bug --
one of the implicit unpackings don't work.

>Actually there IS a 3 line PERL version, but it does use dc for the heavy
>lifting.  I consider that cheating.

That's what I said -- the first one I found was written in Perl, but used

>Python *is* my favorite language,

I'd generally agree, although I like Forth a lot too.


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