Why is tcl broken?

Jason Stokes jstok at bluedog.apana.org.au
Thu Jun 17 03:07:22 CEST 1999

On Wed, 16 Jun 1999 21:27:52 GMT, David Thornley <thornley at visi.com> wrote:

>I know little of this Qt animal.  Is it free?  Is it open source?
>Does it run on the Macintosh?  Is it easy to set up an interface with?

See www.troll.no, but here's the synopsis:

Qt is a cross-platform GUI toolkit for Unix and Windows.  Qt releases a
special "free edition" for Unix only which does match the open source
definition, but with some licensing issues.

The problem is that linking with the Qt free edition libraries is only
allowed if you write open source software yourself.  If you want to write a
commercial application for Qt, you have to buy a license from Troll Tech. 

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