Binary pickle portability

Fred L. Drake fdrake at
Tue Jun 29 15:10:33 EDT 1999

Olaf Delgado writes:
 > After looking a bit closer, I found that the problem is probably related
 > to the Numeric module (i.e., pickling matrices) and doesn't depend on
 > whether binary or ordinary mode is used. So please don't bother now!
 > Still, I am interested in whether people use binary pickles.

  The last release of Grail uses binary pickles to store caches of
parsed bookmark files.  There are no floating point or NumPy objects
in the pickles, so that wouldn't test cases you may be interested in.
My choice to use binary pickles was entirely based on the performance
improvement; I doubt there are any substantial cross-platform issues
for bookmark files, especially when only used as caches!


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