COM dates

Mark Hammond MHammond at
Thu Jun 10 00:41:08 CEST 1999

Check out the win32 extensions help file.  This has a discussion of COM
dates.  In a nutshell, you use the int() function to convert it to a
standard Python time module date, and you can assign a standard Python time
module date to a COM date field and it will do the right thing.


Gaetan Corneau wrote in message
<816010E2456BD111A48700805FBBE2EEFDF353 at>...
>I have a COM object with a field calles "StartDate". When I type:
>print Obj.StartDate, I get:
><PyTime:1/1/70 12:00:00 AM>
>Two questions:
>1) What is that PyTime object? Is it documented somewhere?
>2) Suppose I want to set StartDate to January 1, 1999, what do I write in

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