"The Python Way"

Graham Matthews graham at sloth.math.uga.edu
Fri Jun 4 19:07:11 CEST 1999

Evan Simpson (evan at tokenexchange.com) wrote:
: I get the distinct impression the the reception of *any* proposal to alter
: Python is likely to be vastly improved by the presence of an implementation,
: however primitive, and will allow you de facto last word on a lot of
: arguments.  My own pet suggestions have died for lack of this, apart from
: "and while", for which some kind soul coded a mutant cousin.

You are wrote. People here love to see code. And that would be a great
proof of concept. But the problem with this line of reasoning is that
people have other things to do, and do not necessarily have the time
to provide such code. That should not however be grounds for writing an
idea off.

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