choosing random numbers with weights/probability?

Nathan Clegg nathan at
Mon Jun 21 14:06:48 EDT 1999

list = [('one', 25), ('two', 25), ('three', 50)]
l = []
for x, y in list:
        l.extend([x] * y)

Too bulky?

On 21-Jun-99 kevinsl wrote:
> I've been using the whrandom.choice routine and it's very
> useful. But is there any way to add weights or
> probabilities of being chosen to the items in the list?
> example:
> list=['one','two','three']
> item=whrandom.choice(list)
> Is there any way to say that 'one' and 'two' have a 25%
> chance of being chosen, and 'three' has a 50% chance?
> I'm hoping there's already a module to do this... or else
> I'll be writing my own..

Nathan Clegg
 nathan at

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